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Welcome to the Just Mathematics Collective newsletter.  This is our 
(roughly) monthly round-up of news about our campaigns and activities, 
suggestions for how you can help, and reading we've found useful 


Following the January 2023 action against NSA recruitment at the Joint 
Math Meetings, the AMS agreed to meet with some of the participants in 
the action to discuss NSA recruitment.  Instead of engaging seriously 
with the community's concerns, the AMS doubled down by adopting a 
restrictive policy against demonstrations at the JMM.  At this month's 
JMM in San Francisco, here is how the community responded:

Image Description: Projection of the message "No to NSA recruitment at 
Joint Math
Meetings #MathMinusMilitarism" on the side of the building directly 
across from the Moscone
Center's main entrance at the JMM 2024.

  	* Learn more about the Math Minus Militarism direct action against NSA 
recruitment at the JMM 2024 in the Friends don't let friends work for 
the NSA [1] collective recap.

Signal boosts: stuff we've read this month and want to share

	* Inclusion/Exclusion blog

  	* https://inclusionexclusion.org/2023/12/04/toxic-norms/
  	* https://inclusionexclusion.org/2023/11/28/x-in-the-time-of-genocide/


Digest of the JMC twitter




Ongoing JMC campaigns/how you can help:

1. Cut ties between mathematicians and the NSA: 
https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/nsa_statement.html. [2]  
Please sign the statement and take the pledges if you haven't already, 
and share with your colleagues.
2. Support the USACBI academic boycott of Israeli institutions: 
https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/USACBI_statement.html.  Please 
register your pledge.
As always, please feel free to contact us at 
justmathematicscollective at inventati.org with any questions, comments, or 
suggestions, including materials and campaigns for us to consider 
including in next month's newsletter.

We are currently receiving a high volume of requests to join JMC.  We 
take great care with each such request, so if you have contacted us 
about this and have not received a reply, please bear with us, and in 
the meantime, check out our advice to prospective members [3].

- JMC newsletter team
Just Mathematics Collective

[1] https://justmathematicscollective.net/recap.pdf
[2] https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/nsa_statement.html
[3] https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/starterkit-public.html
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