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Welcome to the Just Mathematics Collective newsletter.  This is our 
(roughly) monthly round-up of news about our campaigns and activities, 
suggestions for how you can help, and reading we've found useful 




  	* Check out this Piece on Quantitative Power-Mapping [1], written in 
September 2023 by two JMC members​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, which explores the 
potential for mathematical network analysis as an organising tool for 
liberatory movements.

  	* In light of the recent escalation of Israeli genocidal violence 
towards the entire Palestinian nation, the Just Mathematics Collective 
(JMC) urges all scientists and engineers to join the 145 mathematicians, 
among many others, who have heeded the Palestinian call to boycott 
Israeli academic institutions [2]. Learn more about the broadening of 
our campaign and register your pledge here [3].


Signal boosts: stuff we've read this month and want to share


  	* This piece on the recent [4] [5]win of the Harvard Undergraduate 
Workers Union [5].

  	* Prof. Tarik Aougab's talk

	*  Title: _Decolonizing in Mathematics_
Abstract:_ Does the above phrase have any meaning? We'll discuss what 
would have to be true for the answer to be "yes", and in particular 
we'll focus on Palestine and the idea of academic boycott. _ 	* You can 
access the recording of this talk by clicking here [6].

  	* This statement from Particles for Palestine [7].
  	* The Scientists for Palestine website [8].


Digest of the JMC twitter







Ongoing JMC campaigns/how you can help:


  	* Cut ties between mathematicians and the NSA: 
https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/nsa_statement.html. Please 
sign the statement and take the pledges if you haven't already, and 
share with your colleagues.

  	* Support the USACBI academic boycott of Israeli institutions: 
https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/USACBI_statement.html. Please 
register your pledge.


As always, please feel free to contact us at 
justmathematicscollective at inventati.org with any questions, comments, or 
suggestions, including materials and campaigns for us to consider 
including in next month's newsletter.

- JMC newsletter team


Just Mathematics Collective



[1] https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/qpm-af.pdf
[2] https://bdsmovement.net/academic-boycott
[3] https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/USACBI_statement.html
[5] https://harvardgradunion.org/huwu/
[7] https://particlesforpalestine.org/
[8] https://www.scientists4palestine.com
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