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Welcome to the Just Mathematics Collective newsletter.  This is our 
(roughly) monthly round-up of news about our campaigns and activities, 
suggestions for how you can help, and reading we've found useful 

Signal boosts: stuff we've read this month and want to share


A call to defend bodily autonomy in the mathematics community [1] in the 
March 2023 issue of the Notices of the AMS

Attacks on Black and LGBTQ+ Visibility Are Authoritarian [2] by 
Particles for Justice in February 2023.

Show me the money (or at least where it came from) [3] 
Inclusion/exclusion blog post by Tarik Aougab and Marissa Loving 
(connected to our NSA campaign linked to below).

We stand in solidarity with higher education workers, including some of 
our members, organizing against the precarity and exploitation on which 
universities run, all over the world: solidarity with the workers at 
UMich [4], Rutgers [5], Temple [6], University of California [7], 
UCU/Unison [8], ASUU [9], and all others recently or currently on strike 
or in dispute. Please consider donating to the fund [10]for graduate 
student workers of U. Michigan.

Temple Grad Workers at a Crossroads-- What's next? [11] by Jedtsada 
Laucharoen and Anna Barnett for Workers Strike Back

The Rutgers Strike is a Turning Point for Higher Ed [12] by Hank Kalet 
for the Progressive

UM President Calls Police to Detain Striking Grad Workers, Docks Their 
April Pay, and Dines Out [13], Statement by GEO 3550


Ongoing JMC campaigns/how you can help:


1. Cut ties between mathematicians and the NSA: 
https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/nsa_statement.html.  Please 
sign the statement and take the pledges if you haven't already, and 
share with your colleagues.

2. Support the USACBI academic boycott of Israeli institutions: 
https://www.justmathematicscollective.net/USACBI_statement.html.  Please 
register your pledge.


As always, please feel free to contact us at 
justmathematicscollective at inventati.org with any questions, comments, or 
suggestions, including materials and campaigns for us to consider 
including in next month's newsletter.

- JMC newsletter team


Just Mathematics Collective



[1] https://www.ams.org/journals/notices/202303/rnoti-p361.pdf
[2] https://www.particlesforjustice.org/
[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023_Rutgers_University_strike
[6] https://www.tugsa.org/
[10] https://givebutter.com/GEOStrikeFund
[11] https://www.workersstrikeback.org/tugsa-strike
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